16 types of Food Ingredients as Raw Materials to Manufacture Health Care Products

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Earlier this month, CD Formulation announced it has launched a wide portfolio of natural, functional, and synthetic food ingredients for both researchers and manufacturers of healthcare products.

Over the past decades, numerous ingredients have performed a variety of useful functions in many types of foods. Food additives play an important role in maintaining a food supply that is flavorful, nutritious, safe, convenient, colorful, and affordable.

“Food ingredients are added to food as substances to achieve certain desired effects. For instance, food preservatives such as antioxidants are added to maintain or improve safety and freshness, especially for fats, oils, and foods containing them. Meanwhile, nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fibers are added to many foods to enhance their nutritional quality. Another example, is other food ingredients such as sweeteners, and natural and artificial flavors are added to enhance the taste, texture, and appearance of food,” said the Marketing Chief of CD Formulation.

In general, food additives can be grouped into direct additives and indirect additives. The former is used in foods to impart specific technical or functional qualities, while the latter is not intentionally added to foods, but may be present in trace amounts during processing, packaging, transportation, or storage. Therefore, all materials coming in contact with food should be safe.

Currently, CD Formulation offers a wide range of food ingredient products to help customers improve the quality and safety of their products during food research, production, or development, including:

 Acidity Regulators
 Anticaking Agents
 Coating Agents
 Color Fixative
 Enzyme Preparations
 Firming Agents
 Flavor Enhancers
 Flour Treatment Agents
 Food Emulsifiers
 Food Preservatives
 Food Spices
 Humectants
 Leavening Agents
 Nutrients
 Stabilizers and Thickeners
 Sweeteners

Some of the food ingredients available at CD Formulation are listed below:

D-Tartaric acid (CAS 147-71-7), ALPHA-PINENE (CAS 2437-95-8), SODIUM SESQUICARBONATE DIHYDRATE (CAS 533-96-0), DL-Malic acid (CAS 617-48-1), Metatartaric acid (CAS 39469-81-3), Tetrapotassium hexacyanoferrate trihydrate (CAS 13943-58-3), MOLECULAR SIEVE (CAS 1344-00-9), Mineral oil (CAS 8042-47-5), SOYBEAN OIL (CAS 8001-22-7), PARAFFIN (CAS 8012-95-1), Glucose oxidase (CAS 9001-37-0), alpha-Amylase (CAS 9000-90-2), Pectinase (CAS 9032-75-1), Peroxidase (CAS 9003-99-0), Allyl cyclohexyl propionate (CAS 2705-87-5), Butyl butyryl lactate (CAS 7492-70-8), 3,7-Dimethyl-7-hydroxyoctanal (CAS 107-75-5), Ethyl maltol (CAS 4940-11-8), Ethyl vanillin (CAS 121-32-4), 3,3,5-Trimethylcyclohexanol (CAS 116-02-9), Benzyl ether (CAS 103-50-4), 2-Acetonaphthone (CAS 93-08-3), 6-Methylcoumarin (CAS 92-48-8), Ethyl 3-methyl-3-phenylglycidate (CAS 77-83-8), Allyl hexanoate (CAS 123-68-2), cyclamen aldehyde (CAS 103-95-7), etc.

Please visit our website to learn more.

Combining robust expertise and years of experience, CD Formulation is undoubtedly a good partner for drug developers who urgently need to overcome drug formulation and delivery challenges. Fairly recently, the company has further extended its business range into healthcare product design, manufacturing, analysis, testing, and packaging.

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