About Laborama

Laborama, the professional association for the distributors and producers of laboratory equipment and accessories, was founded in 1936 as a syndicate.

Afterwards it was changed to a non profit organisation which represents almost 100 companies.
As of 1/9/2014 the association changed it name from UDIAS to Laborama.
With their products, services and specialists the members of Laborama contribute to the development of the Belgian economy, the quality of our environment and health care, the trustworthiness of our food and the realisation of new technologies.

Laborama also organises Laborama Expo, Laborama Academy, LaboramaLux, the Laborama Quality Service Label, Labojobs, and a plethora of other networking events for its members. In the past, Laborama also organised the UDIAS Award and the Analist of the Year awards.

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Lab Automation Day 2018

Lab Automation Day 2018

Laborama Info Sessions

Laborama Info Sessions

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