One of our clients produces anti-virus masks. For their mask production we are looking for an ISO-8 cleanroom of at least 600m2 to rent. The requirements of the room are given below: •ISO classification cleanroom: ISO-8 (ISO14644). •Cleanroom dimensions: 20x30x2.5M , the bigger the better. •One mask line is 3MT at most (Length: 22M, Width: 2M) •Extra office: 200-300m2. •Preferred location: Germany •Renting per: ASAP •Duration of the rental: at first 6-12 months. But we are open for all options Are you the organisation that could help us out? Please contact us and let us know. is the most efficient online platform where supply of and demand for hightech facilities meet. LabForRent is part of LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.