Data plays an important part in society. More and more often, decisions are made by or supported by data analyses. These can be simple descriptive analyses of relatively small datasets such as graphs of Corona virus infections or turnover figures of a retail business. They can also be complex artificial intelligence analyses of large amounts of data such as deep learning algorithms working in driverless cars or on the content in social media. In these examples, it’s clear that besides technical aspects, also societal and organisational aspects such as privacy play a role. In this course you will gain a basic understanding and skills in the field of data science & technology. This will help you to get a better grip on topics which deal with data, both within organisations and in daily life. Depending on your own educational background, this course is also very suitable as preparation for the existing course Introduction to FAIR Data Stewardship and the new course Machine Learning that will be offered in the near future. Aimed at This course is designed for professionals working with data who wish to gain basic understanding and skills in the field of data science and technology. It is not necessary to have extensive IT knowledge. This course Introduction to Data Science and Technology will teach you: * what data en metadata is; * how to create and read a data model; * how to conduct and interpret simple data analyses; * an overview and understanding of more complex data analyses; * about the different data architectures including Big Data; * about data management topics including privacy and security. You will more information about dates, prices and program on our website