Are you working with gas chromatographic systems and would you like to develop your skills on the analysis technique, various hardware parts and their maintenance? Attend the GC training courses that Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers. In the one-day training course you will learn more on the basic principles of capillary GC analysis technique. In the two-days training course on Maintenance & Troubleshooting GC you will be trained on the GC interior. Inlets and detectors will be dismantled, so that you will be able to recognize and solve analytical, chromatographic and instrumental problems. The course will include both theoretical and practical sessions. In the theoretical session we will explain the basics of the analytical technique. Next we will put the theory into practice by a hands-on learning-by-doing training. The mix of theoretical modules and hands-on training will extend the skills of the operators and scientists resulting in a maximum system uptime and productivity.