Wireless Value B.V.

About Wireless Value B.V.

Wireless sensor technology - going the extra mile

Wireless Value develops and supplies wireless sensor technology with a wide range of applications. This includes measuring and monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, CO2, under- and overpressure, as well as the door position of coolers and freezers.

This technology is used by laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, as well as for the transportation of medical samples, blood, vaccins and organs.

The goal of Wireless Value is to alleviate a part of your workload through a reliable and intuitive sensor system, allowing you to confidently rely on the analysis and interpretation of the measured sensor results.

The sensors operate autonomously and automatically alert the appropriate person(s) via email or SMS. The system is easy to expand.

In the highly accessible and intuitive user portal, you can instantly view real-time data, historical trends, the logbook, and easily set up or modify alarms. Our software is CFR 21 par. 11 compliant.

The sensors excel in terms of accuracy, range, and long battery life. Advanced transmission protocols eliminate data loss.

Additionally, the sensors have a large internal memory in case the connection between the sensor and the base station is lost.

During initial installation, we always check together with you to ensure that the signal range is satisfactory throughout the laboratory.