Industry needs a constant supply of young talent to meet its requirement for skilled workers. Further training for existing employees is also important. It is always ideal for training providers and industry to work together to meet these requirements. aprentas is a leading training association for basic and further training for natural sciences, technical and commercial professions in North West Switzerland. aprentas needed a clean room set-up for teaching trainees how to deal with hazardous substances. Especially where safety was concerned, this had to provide the latest technology in order to keep trainees as safe as possible. They found DENIOS – a specialist experienced in the implementation of complex clean room projects. <b>Challenge: Personnel safety</b> The capture and extraction of hazardous substances from the air we breathe is essential when working in production and laboratory conditions. Emissions of the substance themselves plus dangerous gas mixtures formed with the air in the room can lead to respiratory diseases or explosive atmospheres. At aprentas, trainees learn how to handle hazardous substances in clean room conditions. As a professional training provider, aprentas puts a high value on safety. The introduction of a new clean room bridged the gap in terms of handling hazardous substances. In order to capture the hazardous substances, a specific particle-to-air ratio also needs to be maintained in a clean room and the number of particles reduced to a minimum. In 2009 standardised international classes were created for these values under EN ISO 14644-1. <b>Ventilated workstation providing maximum safety</b> The aprentas clean room meets ISO class 8 standards, making it the best environment for handling hazardous substances. The system has been incorporated in an existing training set-up. No additional spaces needed to be created in the building. The housing next to the work area contains a separate changing room and material airlock. The central feature of the work area is an explosion-proof DENIOS hazardous substance workstation in stainless steel. Air is extracted at 1,080m³ per hour, but the system ensures a draught-free working environment. Specially developed varioflow technology keeps running costs low.