We all want to enjoy a wonderful meal and drink a glass of tap water to quench our thirst without having to worry about safety. The same counts for the diagnosis we receive from a laboratory test. Entire supply chain focuses on quality Therefore our commitment to quality is not restricted to our products and services. The highest standards are achieved when the entire supply chain focuses on quality, from manufacturers of thermal cyclers through distributors to end-users. End-users play the most important roll to ensure reliable (q)PCR results. After all: any lack of attention to reliability can have negative implications. All parties involved comply with certain regulations to combat problems, concentrating on preventing instead of curing them. By doing so, the highest quality level is met. What is done? * Distributors control the quality of thermal cyclers with MTAS calibration tools to meet specifications * End-users control the quality of their thermal cyclers annually - either with Driftcon calibration tools or with accredited on-site calibration service with MTAS system - to fully understand the performance of their cycler * Calibration tools are calibrated in an accredited calibration laboratory to make sure that they perform according to international standards * (q)PCR consumables are manufactured according to strict specifications for reproducible and reliable results. The characteristics: - Composition is always identical so consistent results - Low binding: all DNA is available for a reaction - (q)PCR is possible in volumes as low as 5µl - Pyrogyn, DNA(se) & RNA(se) free We are extremely proud to have achieved this level of quality with our cooperation partners and are committed to further expand this method. Better be safe than sorry.

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