New: The Digital Flow Meter GF-1010

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Article image of: New: The Digital Flow Meter GF-1010
Article image of: New: The Digital Flow Meter GF-1010

The new pocket sized GF 1010 gas flow meter makes gas flow measurement easier and more accurate, helping to eliminate user errors. The GF 1010 is an essential tool for troubleshooting and routine maintenance of your gas chromatograph. The LCD display with back light makes reading flows clear and easy. As an option, there is a Silicone protection cover available to protect the flowmeter.

Gases:Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Air, Argon, etc (Not explosion-proof structure)
Range:0.5 – 1200mL/min
No need to select a gas type due to volume flow meter technique.
Mixed gas can also be measured.
Accuracy:±3% or ±0.3 mL/min whichever is greater (for calibration gas N2)

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