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As an expert in fields like drug formulation and pharmaceutical analysis, CD Formulation has made commendable achievements. More recently, it announced to commencement of offering one-stop solutions for developing healthcare formulations (

Healthcare products are increasingly prevalent among the public as they can regulate the body’s functions and are suitable for specific groups of people.

“With a group of pharmaceutical experts, chemists, biochemists, and engineers, we are proficient in innovative health product development and focus on production quality assurance. In addition, our business range also covers other areas such as health market analysis, sensory evaluation, packaging design, and global product regulatory certification application,” the Marketing Chief of CD Formulation revealed.

More specifically, CD Formulation is capable of conducting the following health care products related services.

Effervescent Tablets Development
CD Formulation can formulate micronutrient supplements into effervescent tablets and develop effervescent tablets using a series of preparation methods like wet granulation, dry granulation, direct tablet pressing method, and non-water granulation.

Gummies Health Products Development
Gummies provide consumers with a tasty and portable way to consume dietary supplements. CD Formulation can help clients develop a variety of flavors of gummies and ensure the efficacy of the supplements.

Tablet Candy Health Products Development
There are many tablet candies on the market that are health supplements, each with its own efficacy and effects. CD Formulation aids in the development of such tablets.

Softgel Health Products Development
CD Formulation specializes in the production and development of quality nutraceuticals from start to finish using soft gelatin capsule delivery systems.

Hard Capsules Health Products Development
CD Formulation is actively involved with the development of hard capsule health products.

Tablet Health Products Development
CD Formulation can maximize the flexibility of tablet ingredient pairings and help customers deliver special tablet formulations that will give their brand a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Powder Health Products Development
Powder health products, like protein powder sport supplements, collagen powder, and collagen peptides, are a common product approach for sport supplements. CD Formulation can provide flavor development and formulation modification services for powder health products.

Health Drinks Development
CD Formulation is able to conduct the development of health drinks, including formulation development, flavor development, and quality testing.

Health Care Products OEM/ODM Services
CD Formulation provides OEM and ODM services for developing healthcare products in different forms with ingredients of enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and plant extracts.

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As a trustworthy partner for pharmaceutical companies to solve drug formulation-related challenges, CD Formulation is famed for its robust expertise and profound professionalism. More recently, it has expanded its product offering range to cosmetic ingredients and food ingredients. Meanwhile, a comprehensive range of services is available for the development of cosmetic and healthcare products.

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