CD Formulation is known as a CRO service provider for custom pharmaceutical formulation projects. The company has announced its ability in liquid dosage forms development for customers worldwide who are looking for liquid dosage forms solutions for their drug development projects. Liquid dosage forms are also one of the oldest dosage forms used in the treatment of patients. Liquid dosage forms are administered by oral and parenteral (injection, inhalation, ophthalmology, ear canal, nasal cavity and topical) routes. Oral liquids are non-sterile, while liquids administered by parenteral routes are available in sterile and non-sterile formulations. In the preparation of liquid dosage form, in addition to active pharmaceutical ingredients, a lot of excipients are added, including vehicles, stabilizers, preservatives, suspending agents, emulsifying agents, solubilizers, colors, flavors, etc. CD Formulation’s expert team are skillful in all aspects of pharmaceutical formulation development as well as dosage form optimization. Specifically, the company can offer one-stop services to meet client’s various needs concerning liquid dosage form design and development. Currently, the following liquid dosage form development services are available: Lotions Syrups Suspensions Drops Nasal Sprays Injection Solutions In addition to liquid dosage forms, the company has also revealed capability in designing and developing solid dosage forms and semi-solid dosage forms.

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