Vaisala viewLinc 5.1 now with Enterprise Server Software

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Vaisala brings extended device integration to its continuous monitoring system with the new viewLinc 5.1 Enterprise Server Software

The Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system is one of the most trusted solutions in continuous monitoring in life science and other demanding industries. The viewLinc monitoring system assures product quality in applications where continuous monitoring is critical, such as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, biotechnology, distribution, semi-conductor manufacturing and healthcare.

The new enhanced viewLinc Enterprise Server Software version 5.1 ensures improved interoperability with other systems, integration of a wider range of devices with viewLinc, and more flexible alarming. It now also incorporates direct Modbus connectivity.

“With viewLinc’s new Modbus capability, viewLinc 5.1 can include unlimited parameters,” said Vaisala’s Product Manager Steven Bell. “It simplifies the system structure and is an enormous time-saver to have all of your environmental measurements managed in one software.”

For improved interoperability, the latest viewLinc includes options for Open Platform Communications – Universal Architecture (OPC UA) and an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow third-party systems to access data directly from viewLinc’s database. The Vaisala Opc ua server allows viewLinc data to integrate with data historians, manufacturing execution systems, building automation systems, and other systems. The new viewLinc API enables direct connection between the viewLinc database and any system or software, allowing a flexible customized interface.

“The new viewLinc options for API and OPC UA will let our customers configure their high-quality viewLinc environmental data to be utilized in their existing operations and processes, rather than trying to fit their business needs to their monitoring software,” said Bell.

Further enhancements to viewLinc’s alarming features make the system even more flexible for users.

“The increasing trend towards mobility in many industries means that customers need to be able to manage their environments from anywhere,” said Bell. “The latest version of viewLinc provides more options to notify staff in the event of an alarm: onscreen, email, SMS, alarm towers, relay to existing alarm service, and a voice call service that can prioritize recipients.”

The viewLinc 5.1 Enterprise Server Software release comes from Vaisala’s commitment to fulfilling customer needs and anticipating industry trends.

“It’s crucial that viewLinc not only fulfills its promise of accuracy and reliability; our customers need monitoring systems to fit their operational environments. We saw that interoperability and flexibility were the keys to streamlining viewLinc while still increasing its capabilities,” Bell concluded.

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