For all your manual and semi-automatic recipe processes there is one innovative solution: ProRecipe XT is proven as the preferred and most flexible recipe management system for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries achieving efficiency and consistent product quality. The software is easy to use and fits into all existing IT infrastructures. With the upgrade 3.0 you can now benefit even more due to: <b>Flexible integration into production network</b> ProRecipe XT’s modular software architecture and easy connection to MES or ERP systems enables flexible and individualised integration into any production process. <b>NEW – integration of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)</b> ProRecipe XT provides the possibility of integrating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into the formulation process to guarantee a safe production including full audit trail functionality. <b>NEW – completeness check function</b> ProRecipe XT ensures that separately weighed materials are consolidated according to the formulation by an additional completeness check function. <b>NEW - semi-automatic dosing with EasyFill</b> ProRecipe XT can handle not only manual but also semi-automatic single component dosing. A connected process weighing electronic controls the dosing signals including tolerances and overshoot values. <b>Traceability guaranteed</b> ProRecipe XT offers transparent logging of the entire formulation process, including continuous documentation of batches. All information is available at your fingertips. ProRecipe XT ensures fast and targeted analysis. Potential problems in the production process can be effectively identified and therefore avoided.