Accomplishments Wilten Bioteknika is a part of the Instruments Benelux Group, founded in 1952. Wilten Bioteknika is known as the founder of Tecan Robotic systems in the period 1980-2000, Anthos MTP readers, Synchron sofware group, developer of the famous agglutination sofware Scanmaster and the first fully automated robotic system for the screening of HIV, later called Welcozyme system. New opportunities and techniques As an enthousiastic and innovative team, we are constantly exploring for new techniques. With our specialism focused on Life Sciences, we’ve sorted everything that has to do with efficient and precise work on specific fields such as : •Biotech and Life Sciences – Genomics – Proteomics – Microbiology •Pharmaceuticals •Agro Food •Phytology Customer-friendliness and reliability To create credible and publishable results, you need accuracy and reliable consumables or instruments. Our product specialists are responsible for the personal contacts. They are able to select the appropriate instruments from our assortment, so you can make optimal use of your laboratory. Contact us Wilten Bioteknika has a wide range of instruments. Because of the variety of options on some products we are not able to mention all of them on our website. Complete information is available on demand. Please contact us via email or call +31 (0)76 508 65 00.

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