The event took place in Barcelona beginning of last April, and brought about 250 people from the industry coming from Europe, United States and India. At NL42, we are extremely pleased with the results and feedback received after the recent acquisition of the event’s organization. The event is dedicated to companies needing to adopt a paperless approach in their scientific data management throughout the product life cycle. We decided to focus this year’s edition on the Internet of Lab things (IoLT) with the title ”2020 Roadmap for Digital Convergence - transforming scientific information into actionable insight” The event consists of a balanced mix of plenary and workshop sessions. The sponsors benefit an interactive workshop where they showcase the latest trends in methodology, systems and tools. Attracted by the chance to get to know the key players and the new comers, our visitors have several opportunities to network and interact with providers, peers and colleagues. The discussions went from the very beginning of the journey when a laboratory should start transforming its processes from paper to paperless or better say less paper.  Pat Pijanowski, partner at LabAnswer explained that “transformational solutions start with a comprehensive data strategy”,</b> highlighting the importance of doing the foundational work first, and assessing your current state of readiness versus the 6 different levels of a Maturity model of vocabulary & master data management</b>. Once the transformational process has started, the requirements for connecting the instruments, integrating the systems and ensuring a seamless flow of the data between interfaces drives us to the compliance requirements such as data integrity. Multiple sponsored workshop sessions have covered these topics from different angles. market Michael Shanler, Research Vice President Analyst at Gartner</b> has perfectly set the scene of the IoLT</b> concept in his presentation “Exploring The Digital Potential For Laboratory of the Future”</b>. The future is already here, as several sponsors have demonstrated during their workshops. Cubuslab has specifically presented a platform which allows the implementation of IoLT today. Michael has emphasised that ”we shouldn’t confine IoT to a single domain as the big digital potential is in new business models with converging ecosystems. Gartner’s Research VP also analysed the elements and uses of AI-assisted Lab and Business Processes”</i> The satisfaction survey outcome confirms that the three pillars rich content, non-commercial presentations, showcase workshops and enjoyable networking sessions, make this unique event, and are acknowledged by sponsors and visitors as the key combination for one of the best European event in its category. This is an extract of the complete original article can easily be found in the Paperless Lab Academy blog, see link below.