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All-New Precision: Minebea Intec Combics

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The Industrial Scale with a measuring accuracy of 60,000 increments

All-New Precision: Minebea Intec Combics

Minebea Intec (formerly Sartorius Intec)

A new resolution level of 60,000 d is set to enhance the Combics industrial scales product range of Minebea Intec with immediate effect. By offering this extra level of precision, the global provider of industrial weighing and inspection technologies is specifically aiming to respond to the increasing quality standards of the food, pharmaceuticals, chemical and logistics industries. Users of these products can therefore expect to benefit not only from less production waste, but also from more reliable processes.

Expanded areas of application for increased efficiency:
With its high resolution of up to 60,000 increments, the Combics industrial scale is ideal for complying with even the smallest of tolerances, for example when measuring out very precise doses of liquids or powders. “Going forward, it will be possible to register products down to the weight of a peppercorn, which is sure to mean significant improvements in product quality,” explains Christoph Messner, Product Manager for New Products and Industrial Scales at Minebea Intec. For all applications such as filling, counting, manual formulation, individual weighing and checkweighing, aspects such as production waste and cost can be minimised through the use of a single scale, as the new precision level extends the range of application and thereby optimises the entire process.

Renowned for durability, reliability and flexibility:
“The Combics has been a huge success and that’s largely down to its flexibility and quality,” explains Christoph Messner. “Increasing the resolution to 60,000 d was the logical next step to take in the development of our successful industrial scales series, bridging the gap in our range of high-precision weighing technologies.” With its three performance levels, the Combics can be combined in a whole host of different ways and individually adapted to suit customer requirements. This flexibility is afforded thanks to a wide selection of platforms and accessories including printers, roller conveyors, benches, pit frames and drive-on ramps.

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Contact: Stéphane Periani

  Productnieuws Geplaatst: 07-11-2017       Getoond: 118x  

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