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Contego: Hygienic Design

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For the production areas of the food and pharmaceutical industries

The design of our hygienic load cells is based on the strict hygienic guidelines for the production areas of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Their unique design features easy and secure inspection and cleaning and thus reduces any contamination risk. The materials used provide solid corrosion protection, even when cleaned frequently with aggressive agents.

- Preassembled weighing module, including load cell, integrated constrainer and lift-off protection, saving installation time
- Integrated jack-up function to quickly lift the vessel without hydraulic lifters
- Sophisticated sealing technology ensures an optimum hygienic design
- EHEDG-certified product

Contact: Stéphane Periani

  Productbeschrijving Geplaatst: 30-04-2018       Getoond: 77x  

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