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Nieuwe application notes voor de IRD 3

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Petrochemie - Chemical - Food and Flavour - Forensics

Nieuwe application notes voor de IRD 3

The IRD 3 is designed from the chromatographer’s point-of-view and is the only analytical infrared instrument that combines the separating power of the Gas Chromatograph with the molecular identification of FTIR.

- Vapor phase FTIR for use with
- Low maintenance with no moving parts
- Small footprint saves bench space
- IRD 3 software interfaces with GC software
- Single loading of sequences

The IRD 3 is the perfect tool for the chromatographer looking to obtain more information about unknown samples. Using a heater light pipe flow cell, the sample is kept in a vapor state while interacting with IR. This allows the molecules to freely rotate in a low energy environment. Keeping the molecular geometry in tack during analysis provides a unique and highly reproducible spectra. Read application notes about:
- Petrochemie
- Chemical
- Food and Flavour
- Forensics

Contact: JSB Benelux

  Kort nieuws Geplaatst: 05-03-2018       Getoond: 83x  

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